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Criminal justice reform


fiscal responsibility

social justice

Moral compass


bond reform


Flynn Broady (D) vs. Joyette Holmes (R)

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Cobb County


Flynn Broady has a steady moral compass and rejects the idea of desiring attention over ethics and responsibility to all people- especially the victim’s families.



Flynn Broady would never delay a request to GBI for what is fair and right to the family of a victim.



Flynn Broady will oversee a fiscally responsible & balanced office.



Flynn Broady has years of experience with behavioral issues. Under Broady’s office these ethically and fiscally irresponsible incidents are less likely to happen.



Flynn Broady stands for criminal justice reform and would never resort to questionable tactics for a conviction!

Fame and Party

Joyette claims there "has been no continuing relationship" with Greg Michael, the former cop who killed Ahmaud Arbery, but they worked together on a highly publicized hot-car death case. Joyette couldn’t say no to the national spotlight! She put fame over ethics.


Joyette said, “it’s fair and right” for the family of 17 year old Vincent Pruitt to see the body cam footage where is shot to death by a police officer.

She still has not release the tapes.

Tunnel Vision

When Joyette took office she continued to fight the appeals of a drug conviction against Robert Whipkey who was already received four life sentences plus 60 year in prison. The court of Appeals ruled against Joyette since the new judge didn’t have jurisdiction. Joyette wasted time and money on this insignificant factor.


Joyette was on the appellate team that defended the murder conviction of a mentally ill, 18 year old Damian McElrath, who admitted to stabbing his mother to death. In 2020, the Georgia Supreme Court threw McElrath's conviction out, because the jury judged McElrath both guilty and not guilty of the same offense. A logical and legal impossibility.


In State v. Watson, Joyette tried to convince the Georgia Court of Appeals to let her tell a jury about Patrick Watson's old theft convictions in a present armed robbery prosecution. The problem was that Watson was not at the scene. Joyette tried to take an unjustified shortcut that would have had terrible, long term repercussions on Watsons.

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