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About Flynn Broady



Flynn comes from family with a tradition of service. In World War II, his grandfather served with the famed Red Ball Express, and his father served 20 years in the U.S. Army. Though Flynn had achieved a full engineering scholarship, his desire to serve led him into the U.S. Army. His 26 year career included three overseas tours. In Operation Iraqi Freedom, he led 157 soldiers in combat as an Infantry First Sergeant.

Flynn and his wife Monique live near Marietta Square, where they enjoy dining, performing arts, weekend festivals, and visiting with Cobb County residents. They are members of historic Zion Baptist Church in Marietta, where they are active in several ministries. Flynn’s daughter Victoria is a graduate of Armstrong State University and resides in Savannah.


Flynn’s service to Cobb County began in 2008, when he became a Cobb County Assistant Solicitor General. There he gained invaluable experience as a prosecutor in the complex environment of the courtroom, displaying the judicial skills necessary to succeed as your District Attorney.

In 2014, Flynn took the position of the Veterans Treatment and Accountability Court Coordinator for Cobb County. In that role, Flynn helped our Veterans in overcoming issues of substance abuse, PTSD, and behavioral issues to help them reintegrate back into society as productive citizens.

In 2017 Flynn became Prosecuting Attorney for the Cobb County DUI Accountability Court, which offers a treatment alternative to DUI offenders who are willing to be accountable for their actions and seek treatment to control substance abuse issues. These programs save taxpayer’s money and produce better outcomes for offenders, reducing recidivism rates and making all our communities safer. Accountability Courts and the unique needs of Veterans remain Flynn’s special focus.


Learn About Flynn's Priorities

Cobb County is a vibrant community, with great social, cultural, and economic diversity. Each section of the community has its own strengths and its own judicial challenges. The ultimate responsibility for felony prosecution decisions in the county lies with the Cobb County District Attorney.  As part of that responsibility, Flynn Broady has other priorities to improve community safety in Cobb County:

Bring a sense of integrity and fairness to all phases of the criminal justice system.

  • Promote equality in the criminal justice system, ensuring that all citizens in the system are treated according to the same policies and procedures.

  • Place ethics and evidence over party.

  • Preserve the rights of citizens, victims, and those accused of crimes.

  • Promote equity in the criminal justice system, creating a level playing field for all people in the community.

Save taxpayer money and help offenders return to society as productive citizens.

  • Strengthen and expand accountability courts & diversion programs.

  • Promote the implementation of counseling and educational awareness to reduce the threat of domestic violence in our community.

  • Promote the implementation of education and job training programs for juvenile offenders.

  • Initiate true bond reform.

Create and maintain a positive environment and reduce crime throughout the community.

  • Institute and carry out programs in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, schools, and families, to create positive relationships within all segments of the community.

  • Collaborate with community leaders to create opportunities for young people to engage in positive activities rather than fall under bad influences.

  • Develop programs in schools to persuade young people to stay in school and place them on a path to being productive members of the community.

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